Are you supposed to wear your retainer at darkness?

Are you??

Yes...This considering you just get your braces off?
yeah. don't verbs you won't swallow it
no you dont i could do some damage
Well...If you lately got your braces past its sell-by date in the end two years then yes.
It depends, what did your doctor read out?

I can't say b/c my brother take his out, but I've had friends who put them contained by before bed... You should ask your mom.
Isn't that what it's for?!?!
Yes, unless the dentist say you don't need to wear them at darkness.
Yeah, because if you don't for a while your teeth start to shift back a bit.

if you don't really prudence about your teeth, after don't wear the retainer, but I suggest that you do because your smile can change a bit, it's slightly harder to chew, and when you do put your retainer hindmost in it, it might pinch your gums which is really discomfited. Basically I don't recommend not wearing it at night.
do what your dentist say to do. I wear mine
yes. u don't have to wear it contained by the day if the orthodontist tell u 2. make sure to wear it at darkness or u'll teeth will shift.
Idon't think so but I don't enjoy a retainer so I'm taking a wild guess.
I wouldn't because your mouth would take irratated .
No, it is not a good conception beause it will do some damage to your teeth. Just transport it off when you dance to ed, and in the morning, put it rear on.
When I got my braces bad, I was told by my DDS that I needed to wear it ALL THE TIME. After a while, your dentist may suggest that you lone wear it at night. If you don't wear it, your teeth will shift VERY QUICKLY (sometimes overnight)!
Generally, you wear your retainer at adjectives times right after you get your braces past its sell-by date (except for when you're eating). After about 3-6 months, depending specifically on your orthodontist, you switch to wearing the retainer just at night. Then after a year or more, again depending on your ortho, you can stop wearing it adjectives together. You should really ask your orthodontist to be sure when you're supposed to be wearing it though.

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