Help me something like my teeth?

Am i suppose to loose my teeth that are after the first four in front when im around 8? my canine ones are small and im 12 and one is loose,but idk if its a everlasting or if im suppose to loose it? help me

You would be losing your child canines (cuspids) and getting new ones around age 11-12. So it sounds close to you are on target! Take a look at this chart - it will help you numeral it out
Hope that helps!
JAMRDH - a dental hygienist
i dont really know which 1 yoiur conversation about it sounds resembling a yes
The canine is a baby tooth that you will lose, and a undying tooth will come in where on earth it was. You will start to lose the teeth at the rear the first four anytime after age 10. Some come out quicker than others, and usually around 12 you start to get contained by what people phone call your 12 year old molars.

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