Antibiotics & Colitis?

I had a tooth removed from an abscess give or take a few 2 weeks and am wondering a few things about the antibiotics I took. My dose be 150mg x 4 pills daily, which be Clindamycin. I got through around 22 of them and the antibiotics made me feel unpardonable and ill sentiment so I cut back to three for a few days, afterwards two, one, and none leaving a total of 6 pills departed. I feel fine and am pretty sure my infection heal. I have notice that since I have be off my antibiotics that (im sorry) my bowel movements own not been really that conventional and they smell "different" than before the meds. Please carry with me here, but they are loose most of the time and I will own diarrhea. I am unsure if this is just a everyday course or what, but I have be off the meds for rather over a week and am worried. I feel fine for the most cog and sleep ok. Any answers are appreciated, and please if there is anything I can put away more of or supplements that would help seize me back to conventional I would appreciate it much.

You have to finish the antibiotics or the infection will come final and you'll have to start a unharmed different course of antibiotics. Clindamycin is hard on the stomach. Talk to your pharmacist and see if they can recommend a path to keep the stomach issues tolerable until you finish the treatment.
It's a capably known certainty that many antibiotics mete out problems in the guts. Give your body time to readjust to its average state, but if the problem continues then do agree with your doctor. By the instrument, it would have be much wiser of you to complete your course of clindamycin. Remember this for the future if you ever own to take antibiotics again. Always complete the full course of treatment to go and get the maximum benefit of the medication. And always report any medication side effects to the physician/dentist who prescribed them.

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