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how to get whiter teeth????
i brush twice a light of day
no difference

If you want fluent teeth that are white, then you'll enjoy to have self-control. what you are doing is right, but have leniency. Or else you can go to a dentist for teeth whitener. It really help if you have to jump out somewhere. Ask where can you catch teeth whitener.
change tooth brush, perchance to an electric, brush for 2 minutes, and your gums
Same here. How do you get them whiter?
Try to diary a whitening appointment at your local dentist's office.
Or you can try at home treatments...aquafresh have a new whitening system. It's inexpensive.
Good luck
There are whitening tooth paste that help whiten your teeth. There are also whitening strips you can buy over the counter. My parents use them and hold the nicest, whitest teeth. You can also dip your tooth brush in rather baking soda and brush for about a minute every hours of darkness after you brush your teeth with regular tooth blend. I have tried it and it works. Or you can lately go find your teeth whitened at the dentist. Hope this helps.
Try to avoid coffee and overcast sodas because that causes your teeth to bring yellow.
Good luck.
Well it depends. you can budge to a dental office and capture trays made, but that'll cost around 200+.the strips do actually work but I contemplate it's most effective if your teeth are straight. My sister tried the rembrant toothpaste for give or take a few two months, it did work but it was a slight shift and it took time.
Get teeth whitener at your nearest drugstore. Or have the dentist bleach your teeth white. =) I did that after I get my braces off -- posterior in the sunshine --
Go get the white strips at walmart for in the order of 24 bucks or go win them bleached at a dentist office.
I hear an old individual say that you should dip your toothbrush into some peroxide and sprinkle some baking soda on it, later brush. I guess since the peroxide is kinda like bleach or anything, that would get your teeth whiter, but I'm not sure roughly speaking the baking soda.
use a mix of baking soda and salt

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