Why do my gums hurt?

I just go to the dentist and had my teeth cleaned. After a while my gums started to hurt.

It is massively normal that gums hurt after a dental cleaning. (http://www.studiodentaire.com/en/treatme...

If you have tartar formerly the dental cleaning, by removing the tartar, it creates a space between your gums and the tooth. This can be a bit sensitive, calculation to the mild irritation caused by the dental instruments. (http://www.studiodentaire.com/en/conditi...

Give it a few days or a few weeks and the sensitivity will be gone.

You can rinse your mouth near water and brackish, and it will be good for your gums.
you may enjoy gingivitis -an inflammation of the gums. treat with advil/alleve, more regular brushing & flossing, and try a sugar free gum near xylitol. call your dentist if these suggestions don't assist.
You probably need to brush your teeth more if they are really red and swollen
because the dentist dug around to verbs your teeth. If he/she didn't SAY you have gum disease next I doubt you do.
see its just that wat ever u get through may be charp or pointed it might hav pierced ur gum i had matching problem and i went to the dentist and he took that out
when he cleaned your teeth it probably irritated your gums. this might be an precipitate sign you have sensitive gums. try doing a rinse of hydrogen peroxide while you are showering -- purely keep a bit within your mouth for 5-10 minutes. it works great at keeping your gums healthy, irrigating bits of stuff between your teeth, AND whitens them. will hide away you lots on dentist bills too.

before dental insurance be so popular dentists always advise brushing with baking soda and rinsing near hydrogen peroxide. strange how that insurance thing works.
Most probably you are not taking worthy care of your teeth, teeth must be brushed and flossed at lowest possible three times daily, brushing must be done thoroughly and it must include the gums, your should brush contained by circles from the outside and the inside, you also need to floss after intake, and you should use gargle which is very loyal and disinfectant for your gums.
The dentist cleaned up to the gum line and prob irritated your gums somewhat. Every cleaning I've gotten, afterwards, I feel a moment or two sore. I do a gum check every 6 months and no gum disease. My hygienist said rinsing afterwards with heat up salt dampen can help. It go down with a few hours and every thing's fine. If it still hurts the subsequent day, I would impart them a call. Good luck!
Apart from doing adjectives as advised above by different folks , pls take Vitamin - B comples within Pill form 2 times a day and Vitamin - C within pill form 1500 mg.

Continue 2 months.

Keep yr teeth clean. Change your Paste and Brush.


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