Are palatal expanders really mortified to wear? im getting one on today and im really terrified.?

I had one when I be about 11. It be a plastic thing that fit on the roof of my mouth and it have a little knob that you had to turn every hours of darkness so that it would expand a little.

I don't remember it hurting much. I would do it at dark before I go to bed and it would just discern tight. It is such a tiny amount that it's expanding each time, that you won't see much. If anything it will just be for a time sore when you chew, or it might ache a moment or two.

The most annoying thing something like it was that I'd capture food and stuff stuck between it and the roof of my mouth, so I had to rinse my mouth out closely after I ate, or brush my teeth if I was competent to.
i dont know but i'm getting spacers in 2 weeks i hear horror stories about spacers!

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