What ca you do for your teeth other afterwards brushing them ?

when you have a adjectives in one an it hurts so much but can't afford a dentist ?

be in motion to your local pharmacy and buy over the counter temp filling bits and pieces. and try go to your dentist as soon as you can so the hole doesn't obtain bigger or the tooth gets infected
The reality is eventually you will have to hold the hole taken care of or it will abscess and motivation you even more painful (and costly) problems within the future.
For ancestors who can't afford a dentist, they do the best they can to keep their teeth strong so they don't get a cavity. Use mouthwash twice a year, and brush your teeth 3 times a day. You also can floss. When your drinking pop or and sweet liquid, try to use a straw so the liquid won't mar your teeth and cause a cavity. Hope that help.

I had a really impossible tooth once that I needed a root canal surrounded by, and in the few days in the past I had it done, I would put Anbesol on the tooth to formulate the pain jump away. I think it's also a disinfectant.

Use Listerine every time you brush too, to shoot bacteria.

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