A Broken Half Tooth?

When i was going to academy in a institution bus i was consumption a cholate bar and hen my tooth broked into partly. WHat should i do? My other half is surrounded by my mouth and a tooth just finshed growing on that place. And it happend on March, and i didnt step to a densit becuase im scared and i am only 12 years old!

keep hold of the other half to be exact not attached in a chalice of milk so it doesnt rot, one of my friends broke a took in partly bc her sis threw a glass bottle at her!! she wen to a dentist and put on a tooth bonnet and no one could communicate the difference!

If you don't have any pain--that is appropriate.
But, you should get to the dentist as soon as possible since what is left starts to decay--if it hasn't already.
The dentist will place a plastic tooth colored nourishing on your tooth where the partially is missing.
I must say, I am surprised that a alien erupting tooth has broken close to you say. That doesn't usually arise.
By the way, good the other half is not needed. Only if you want to keep it for story recitation. They can't put it back on.

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