Blood appears whenever i brush my teeth?

what is causing this or what is this call. it seems similar to everytime i brush my teeth im spitting out blood. what can i do about this?

what's cause your gums to bleed everytime you brush your teeth are the calcular deposits present and are stuck on and in between your teeth. the problem is those deposits irritate your gums cause them to swell thus everytime you brush, your gums bleed. it is called gingivitis. if you don't see your dentist and bear prophylaxis, it may lead to a more severe state call periodontitis.

it will be better for you to use a soft bristled toothbrush and gumpaste until the swelling subsides...and its best that you go see your dentist for your dental check-up and cleaning (prophylaxis).
Ginga- Vite- Tus
theres a medication for that. you own a thing call gingivitis or something like that and if you stir to the dentist or maybe even at a regular store they put on the market meds to help that
eww. you probably hold a problem. go to a dentist.
your gums must b markedly sensitive or u have gum disease... any way, discuss to your dentist ASAP
floss more often. or find a softer toothbrush. you may also want to try a new tooth mash. when i had that problem my dentist recommended i take the toothpaste called sensodyne. you can find it at any local pharmacy.

hope this help
Brush your teeth 2 to 3 times a day and Floss..

You hold Bacteria up in your gums and this is cause you to bleed

If you do not Floss you will eventually lose enamel down the road and it gets costly to revamp your teeth...
you might be brushing too sturdy..! try using a sensitive tooth brush and a medicated tooth paste..! but i suggest you should turn to the dentist! please do!
Wash your mouth with Listerine and Floss everyday, and than brush your teeth.
Start by using a softer toothbrush, most toothbrushes are road too hard on both the teeth and gums.
Next be sure to floss regularly, not flossing lead to a lot more bleeding surrounded by the mouth. If you don't do this regularly though, don't be surprised if your gums get sore and bleed when you do want to floss. If this does not work, see a doctor or dentist, could be a vitamin deficiency.
Best of luck to you :)
Like they said you hold gingivitis. You need to see a dentist, but within the meanwhile be sure when you brush to brush your gums. You need to be using a soft brush. Also be sure you are flossing regularly. I would brush and floss every time I ate if I have gingivitis. After brushing and flossing use a mouthwash that kills germs, approaching Listerine Good luck!
It's either you don't brush commonly, you're brushing a little too strong, you have gingivitis!

Buy the Cresh Oral-B Advantage Glide Gum Care toothbrush! It have the rubber things on it to clean your gums. So I don`t know you'll stop bleeding. ^______^
This symptom is a classic sign of gingivitis (disease of the gums). Check out and click on the gingivitis link on the vanished fore more remedies.
This is not good. Think roughly speaking it, if you touched some other part of your body and it bled, you'd credible freak out and know something was seriously wrong. Healthy teeth and gums don't bleed when you brush. You plausible have gingivitis or perio problems. You have need of to see your dentist. You need to FLOSS. You may stipulation instruction to make sure you're flossing correctly and brushing correctly and not scrub too hard. More than expected that's not the problem...not flossing is. If you don't get a knob on this you'll lose your teeth and are setting yourself up for other serious healthcare issues from the bacteria within your mouth. Perio problems are directly associated with heart disease. You can read more almost this on the American Dental Association's website. My advice: formulate an appt with a dentist who can see how advanced your situation is and win you started with treatment and a honest homecare regimen. Good luck to you!
I totally agree with "beautifuldreamer"...
You have need of to see a dentist for treatment...
paradontic is recommended by Doctors for bleeding gums, easily available contained by medical store; its very adjectives to kill microbes causing infection and ultimately take care of bleeding gums.

Why are you still here ?
any means your brushing too not easy or its time to pay a call on to the dentist
use soft medium brush next to a light stroke.This happen when our gums are bad.Usually they do minor surgery by channel the gums.I say so wreak I have gone through this its of late an 2hr time they take. Take vigilance.
Aside from everything everyone else said, you might start taking vitamin C.

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