Bone exposed after bone graft..Will it make well OK?

I had a bone graft to prepare the bone for implant in the nouns of 7 and 10. The teeth were congenitally missing. The bone be taken posterior to #18. It was screwed into place. Two weeks post-op the bone surrounded by the area or 10 is exposed. It does not hurt nor is here any sign of infection (ie puss, bad smell, red inflammed tissue) that I know of. I do own an appointment with my surgeon but needed to get other opinion for likelyhood of success. A professional feelings would be appreciated. Thanks.

The sucess rates of dental implants is nearly 95%. So right within are good probability. I would say that if within is no pain, flush, etc., you're likely fine. Certainly, your surgeon will detail you if it is otherwise.
My first thought was 'why be bone taken from your mandible?'...

Not everyone is a candidte for dental implants, and if you needed second bone to support it, I would guess you're not a great candidate...your bone structure may be too adulterate.

Reconsider the implant choice and discuss permanent bridgework option with your dentist. It's a less-invasive procedure and you don't stipulation additional bone graft to have it done.

I'd abominate to see you cough up the money for the implant, solitary for it to fail contained by the long-run.

Best of luck~

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