Braces tightened?

im gettig my braces tightened it going to be uber sore?
-wat color should i get dat stands out...
-what is the process of geting my braces tightened?


Should explain the process appropriate enough to you.

No where on earth near as unpromising as the intial week or so with braces.
They will tighten the wires and possibly replace or add modern wires or brackets onthe teeth as well. This involves greatly of twisting and some wire adjectives. I would take some ibuprofen until that time you go to lessen the soreness, it is not PAIN but you will be the achy kinda sore approaching a muscle ache. Red, bright blue, and white would be suitable since it's almost the 4th of July.
yes make sure u drink good formerly u go because it hurts abundantly to eat after they achieve tightened. i got pink and black. pink panther colors! accurate luck girl! =]

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