okay, well im geting braces contained by about a month, i own spacers in right very soon, and i was wondering if i get metal brackets and pink colors on them, and im going into 7th grade, do you regard that will look okay for me?[[i have brown hair]]

Sweetie what are you conversation about!
When i get my braces wow everyone thought it was cool. I show they wished they have some. And plus its doing good to you because its gonna capture your teeth to look beautifull. I mean what else can you yearning for. I mean getting braces is such a great honoe because you get hold of them only once surrounded by your life and the greatest entity you can do is when you change colors. The 1st color pink is the best to start w/ especially if you run to school hunny. All the popular girls are gonna be JEALOUSE!!

And to convey you the truth i was not upset to take pictures. i mwan why? All i have to do was practice smiling effect at first its kinda hard to receive that perfect smile but it will aid though!
And the color pink is really pretty and preppy.
For a girl you age and it matches beside you look!

Well hope i helped sweetie and hold a great day!

Good luck and show them braces stale! =D
heyy i got braces today and im going into 7th status and i have brown pelt! and my braces have pink colored brackets and i get complements from every1 GO 4 IT . as long as you like the color you should not verbs what other people judge if you like it no1 can turn it down so progress 4 it and dont b afriad about braces or wat color do wat u wana do
pink other looks good. The fun slice about braces is that you can chnage the colors of the band everytime you go contained by. Start with pink, consequently play around with contemporary colors. Stay away from yellow and the clear band (tey turn yello over time and make your teeth look dirty). Have fun!
if you want to show them stale, then yea, dance for colours. i personally didn't close to them being see so much, but I'm a senior in soaring school so pictures hold become really important. I enjoy never gotten coloured brackets, but I have have a lot of friends who have them years ago. I'd advise to purloin a look at the colour next to your teeth and see if it make them seem off-coloured or not. My friend used to hold Red and Black brackets and it made her teeth look really unhealthy by the contrast.

I meditate pink would be great though :)
pink looks nice but if you dont like it you cann other change the color subsequent time you go support..hows the spacers going? doesnt it feel similar to you have a peice of meat contained by your teeth? lol
hey I'm getting braces to and I'm going into 7th grade to so far we hold stuff in commen but any my brother brother as braces and he as silver and I piece they look great but if you want pink ones that is fine because if you don't resembling them you can alwas change them similar to dor halloween my friend had to achieve her braces look at and she changed the colors to black orange black ginger.

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