Bad desperate problems beside my teeth?

I am having some horrible problems next to my teeth, I brush and my teeth are rottening and chipping away in the rear legs i haven't been to a dentist within forever.and i can't afford it i dont have insurance...or any dosh. I am only 21 and my rear teeth are breaking and chipping and rottening and the fillings hold come out so i am having so frequent back tooth basically chipped and its very sharp...I dont know what to do...I am taking advil every morning to get rid of the agony...suggestions please? anything in the aim time i can do to make my teeth stronger until i can collect up money for a dentist?

your teeth nerves are dying... you should buy some minor annesthesia... they sell it at any pharmacy similar to cvs or wallgreens... and only similar to 5 bucks
In a case that unpromising, I would work some overtime, suck it up and go to a dentist ASAP
in good health sorry to hear about your problems but you should hold taken much better care of your teeth to instigate with, true you might not be capable of afford dental care at the time individual but surely you can afford quality toothpaste and mouth dust and never forget to floss. Now I recommend using Colgate Total to save what you do enjoy or if you're teeth are in agony than try sensodine tooth paste as that it is for sensitive teeth I hear very soon I don't know what it offers or covers or what not but Colgate Total is the method to go becuase it does work against everything and my nouns of mouthwash is listerine so try that but it sounds like you want something with more floride contained by it so look for that, in both tooth cement and mouthwash ( they always own ingrediants listed surrounded by them on the back label), and as for the niggle Advil works and so does anbesol ( i think thats how its spelt) its a gel that comes surrounded by a tube and while they do have it for babies theres also anbesol for adults as all right with impossible to tell apart problem, just rub it on to your gums where on earth it hurts and it will numb them but don't rely on this solely use when needed and for the mean time pick up up money ! get a situation with dental coverage and engender some sacrifices by buying ONLY what is needed, while it might not give the impression of being like it, but from what I hear around the condition of your teeth you most liklely have plaque on them as resourcefully and tooth and gum diseases don't only affect the mouth nouns but can lead to heart problems and lung roblems as powerfully so get it taken vigilance of asap there are other choices good luck !
Sorry to hear something like you not be able to afford dental trouble. here's some stuff that may help.

1.) Go to your local pharmacy and pick up Hurricane (they preserve it behind the counter so you'll enjoy to ask), the original flavor taste horrible so ask them about watermelon or pian colada to see if they fetch it. This will numb your tooth - if they don't have hurricane at your pharmacy you could try anbesol or orajel.
2.) Rinse a few times a morning with thaw salt-water to prevent an infection from forming, it won't "undo" the damage that's already nearby, but it should help prevent tentative damage
3.) Take motrin for agony
4.) Use an ice pack on the sides of your obverse
5.) Call around to local dental schools contained by your area. Many of them will do your dental work severely cheap or even free because you are allowing a student (with supervision) to work on you.

*** There's also stuff called re-fillit at your local drug store down my the toothpaste and orajels and stuff. It comes surrounded by a little tub near an applicator, basically your rinse your mouth out next to warm marine, remove some of the product from the jar, roll into a ball, and mold it to the spot on your tooth that requirements feeling. It take a little while to coagulate completely, but once it does you can eat and drink on it. Each tub costs almost $4.00 and will refill your tooth multiple times. It is merely short-term though, so be sure to call the dental university.***

Hope this helps. Good luck and quality better.

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