5 year ancient tooth growing within fund of another?

I noticed second week my son's bottom front tooth doing something strange...the one to the right of the front two had an unusual space from the front two and one of the front ones be slightly protruding outward. I blew it off when I realize both the bottom front were loose and would probably come out shortly. Well within the last few days I realize there is another tooth coming out surrounded by back of the slightly protruding one. The earliest dentist appointment I could go and get is next weekend. Until later, is this normal?

It's adjectives..most of mine grew in faster later they'd come out as a child and my daughter has be the same instrument. One bottom front one did the same as your sons except hers weren't loose at adjectives and they took them both out so that there would be plenty of room for both long-lasting ones to come in. We in recent times went through one and the same thing 2 weeks ago beside her front tops ones..
That happened to my little brother indistinguishable age a few times. We took him to the dentist. It is OK! They sometimes do that but it is normal. It will shift into place when he looses his original newborn tooth, it just take time.
This happened to one of my three children, and is presently happening to one of my grandchildren. It is ordinary and, while some pediatric dentists may disagree, the permanent teeth are usually not artificial by this situation.
We called our son "Shark" because of it and he loved that he be so special!

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