Braces? --Read--?

(okay, ionno ive asked this a couple times but i want to see what people reflect different about what my interrogate, okay??)

Help me!!
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ok, can somebody tell me these question?
cuz i really need to know them for following, and i want to be prepared for when i do..please answer?

1. what colors look best? do they change the wires?

3. how long do they hurt when they swing the wire?

(last) 4. donate me certain trellis sites to look at about that!

Thanx, please answer adjectives of them!

Thanx again,

All I can say is don't attain yellow inflict it makes your teeth look gross, any other color is right. To change wires they simply unclip them from the bands on your posterior teeth then a moment ago pull them out. It doesn't hurt have new ones put contained by, its just when they tighten them and they will hurt for usually freshly that day and possibably the morning after. The more your teeth get used to the process the smaller quantity it will hurt everytime. Just remember to relax your jaw and cheeks explanation thats makes it much easier on them and you.
metal braces near gray rubberbands (although a lot of teens want the clear braces, everytime you munch through or drink something the clear braces turn the color of the food or beverage, and trust me its not cute!)

the doc will change the wires by taking past its sell-by date all of the rubberbands and will exchange the size of the wire. also, you own to go surrounded by frequently to get the rubberbands changed and to clip the ends of the lead. as your teeth straighten, the wire get "longer" and can cut the inside of your gums!!

the wire itself does not hurt, it is the tight rubberbands that smarting. give it a couple of hours or a hours of daylight at the most and the discomfort will go away.

polite luck... i have have mine for 2 years!!
1. I like white or clear--white because they aren't as noticeable--I own white right now and it blends surrounded by with my teeth

2. They clip elderly wire at the hindmost and stick the new cable through and tighten it

3. I've only have my wire changed once so far and I could be aware of it for like---3 or 4 days..but it wasn't very scratchy

Hmmm...just google 'Information on Orthodontics' or 'Information on Braces'
1 i don't keeping for colour i just stick near grey (so sorry cant help)
2 they take the rubber band off and the telecommunication just comes out
3 near me they just hurt for a going on for 3 days after
4 sorry don't know any sites

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