Bad Breath..?

I am not sure how to cure. I am experiencing bad breath. But, its coming from the hindmost of my thoat. I brush twice daily, floss, gargle, whiten, my mouth is verbs no doubt something like it. But, I think my sinus are cause me to have fruitless breath because its coming from the back of my throat, and when I blow my boom I can smell it. Is there anything I can do to cure this.

See your doctor; you feasible have a sinus infection. Antibiotics will clear it up. This happen with my husband.
ably just incase it still happen keep a box of tic tacs wit u and when it happen take close to 1 or 2 of em or bring some mint gum and start chewing.
Not really. You kinda have to merely wait for your sinuses to clear up. Or lift some Claritin. It's the mucus at the back of your throat that cause you to have discouraging breath.
Chew gum or suck on mints for the time being.
It could be a sinus infection. Are you have any other symptoms: headache, pressure, stuffiness? If yes, go to your doctor. They'll bequeath you some antibiotics to clear up the sinus infection, and the bad breath will be gone when the infection is. Good Luck!
If you live contained by Pensylvania its Probably Nasal Drip id suggest only chew gum make sure its sugar free cuz sugar give you bad breath but ego still suggest going to a doctor
apples help sometimes
perchance sinus medication?
OR get a neti pot for sinuses, google it, the most amazing point for sinuses
There's this thing call post-nasal drip. It's where soft from your nose drips down the rear of your throat . It gives a desperate smell, I think I own it. About 1/3 of the population have it, I read.
There are tons possibilities... The first source of bad breath is unquestionably the mouth. Your gums, tongue, and teeth can harbor bacteria that create odors and contribute to disease processes. You may own undiagnosed periodontal disease. If you have not have your teeth cleaned by a professional within the ultimate year, the odor could be coming from calcified plaque and inflamed gums. Be sure to use a tongue brush/scraper. Tongues are very unusual. Many people havy fundamentally wavy anatomy surrounded by their tongue. These waves and crevices can harbor microbes that promote poor health and odors. A dentist can also examine your tonsils and throat nouns for mucus crystals. Some people are predisposed to these small, circular mucus crystals that collect surrounded by the throat. These objects are a source of foul odors as well. Obviously, if you own sinus congestion or a true sinus infection, nasal drippings could be the source of the odor.

So, see a dental doctor and a medical doctor...

Good luck.
I recomed blowing your nose or going to the doctor.
A few seed of cardamom chewed for a brief while will clear your mouth of bad breath. Chew parsley leaves,which are sure to preserve your breath fresh. More useful remedies at
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