Anyone no of any ways to prevent doomed to failure breath? when u step college?

we cant have chewingham or mints so how do i prevent fruitless breath?

gargle with baking soda and sea. or gargle between classes, drink lots of water.
brush your teeth and use mouth mop up
strong mouthwash helps. and regular tongue brushing near a toothbrush
first / before/ going to school / floss teeth/ brush your tongue / brush your teeth / gargle / whip breath spray/ and spray /between classes /if severe /go to dentist/ to /make sure/ not / health problem
If you enjoy really bad breath gargle hydrogen peroxide for 30 second. It kills more germs than mouthwash.
How more or less if you quit smoking kid.
You can buy a small spray for fresh breath and just hand over your mouth a squirt as recommended.
Brush your teeth

Avoid certain foods


Chewing gum

Before departure for school, be paid sure to brush and floss very very well, making sure to get your tongue. Then use a honest mouth wash. Use breath spray, and bring a travel toothbrush, toothpaste , and mouthwash for brushing after lunch. And drink loads of hose down.
Make sure you drink lots of water because when you become dried up your breath will smell!
gold spot mouth spray a tongue cleaner tool, most fruitless breathe is from the tongue x
you must visit the dentist regularly and floss everyday. flossing can be complicated but it really helps beside bad breath.i,m an elder woman who really wishes she had looked after her teeth when she be younger. now i,m paying hundreds for dental work because i don,t want false teeth!!
Bad breath is cause often because you haven't brushed and flossed very well .If you don't keep teeth and gums free of the bacterial buildup, they'll start to make happen odor as the bacteria rot unused food particles within your mouth. A few seeds of cardamom chewed for a brief while will clear your mouth of bleak breath. Chew parsley leaves,which are sure to keep your breath fresh. More adjectives remedies at

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