9Year Old Brother Tooth Ace PLEASE HELP!?

My Nine Year old brother have a tooth ace, he has 4 holes contained by 4 different teeth and the dentist said ''They will be fine as they are milk teeth and will come out soon'' but a week later he is screaming surrounded by pain can you suggest anything to stop the misery..?

Take him back to a different dentist, he shouldn't be allowed to be surrounded by pain.
Oil of cloves or bonjella
Take him to a different dentist ASAP. Even minor cavity in primary (baby or milk) teeth can create major problems up to and including abscess which can head to an infection in his brain.
i of late cant understand why the dentists as not give him a filling or pulled it out even next to milk teeth. milk teeth sometimes don t come out even in manhood go to a different dentist ASAP theres nil worse the tooth arce the poor little soldier. good luck.
i am a dental nurse and he wants to go stern as an emg to get them occupied. Heather n's answer is an incredibly rare grip thing so dont tolerate that worry you. Its basically not nice for him to be in discomfort so needs to bring em sorted i'd say for very soon give him some calpol x i hope he get better soon
Wow, just because they are milk/baby teeth doesn't miserable they can't give your brother niggle. Your brother should definitely see a different dentist and the sooner the better. Good luck!
Num it next to ice or orajel.That is what i have to do when my tooth was hurting so impossible that i couldnt sleep.But when i numbed it.Trust me it really helps.
I agree next to the previous answers that he needs to be taken put money on to the dentist as he is in affliction. But, in safety of the dentist, cavities contained by milk teeth are often gone if they are due to be lost soon and aren't causing twinge at the time when the check-up is done. Just go hindmost and explain that they are causing problems and I'm sure the dentist would be merry to fill or extract the tooth/teeth that are cause pain.
I WOULD SUGGEST CHANGING YOUR DENTIST - spot nourishing can be done . You can get miscellaneous things from the pharmacy to help as okay.

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