How much do dental assistants make and how often do they get raises?

I know that it just depends on what state you live in. I would just like some answers from different people so I can get an idea. I am planning on going to school for dental assisting this fall. Also, is it better to have an associates degree or is the pay the same either way?

It is better to get the Associates Degree. Not only do you have a little more education to help you pass your state or national board exams, you have an extra little edge over those that just have the diploma. Usually the associates degree pays $1-2 more per hour. As far as rate of pay, it depends on what kind of office you have, and what kind of registration. If you have your CDA you will tend to make better as the CDA is a nationally recognized certification versus your local state boards. And, it depends on if you're in a specialists office (pediatric, endodontic, etc) or if you're in a general dentist's office. Finally, it's up to the dentist what he or she will pay. Around where I live it's usually $14-16/hour for a general dentist and up to $20 for a specialist.

Raises usually come once per year, but again, it's up to the dentist.

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