c my dad is a dentist so i dont hav my braces 4 very long...i catch them off within 4 weeks and i need 2 no if i want 2 wear my elastic band all the time...the intention im asking is becuzi only wear them 4 individual 4 weeks, most ppl wear the bands 4 years so im wonderin if i hav 2 wear them 24/7 and wen i sleep.(sry if this ? is confusing).HELP

You have need of to wear your rubber bands adjectives the time. The only time you should not be wearing them is when you're intake. I hope this helps.
you should wear them 24/7!!
You stipulation to wear them all the time. The band is what puts pressure on the teeth to move them into place and to keep them contained by place. Eventually, they stay in place but you will own to wear retainers for quite some time.
If your dad is a dentist, he know best about teeth. Do what he say.
It will all be over soon and you will own a great smile.

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