Ok now i know for sure that ihave to carry braces and I would like to know if they hurt? And can u guys plz put some pgs. of pics next to braces r websites to find out about brace?
Well apreshiated-Ciara=/

i hold had braces for 2 years. im getting mine sour soon. so many pople are diffrent on how here braces feel. but from me conversation to alot of poeple about it when they ask me this request for information i come to a conclusion that your braces when you first get them on they shouldnt hurt more next 3 days. when i first got mine on i needed to claw them off my teeth i wasnt use to them. they build me gums sore and sometimes the brackets on the braces with clip the side of your cheek making an stretch out cut in them and get even sore. plus to make it even worse when you msile or make conversation your bracket will keep annoying it so to prevent an infection taking place into your gums use wax to put around the bracket to make it smaller amount pointy or annoying to the cut you probably will be getting. you have to hold them tightened ever month. some pople say it hurts so impossible when they got tightened but diffrent near me was that i loved them getting tightened. fcause i feel the closer the braces where to my teeth the more they feel like my teeth which made me comfortable. and when cleaning them see if you can bring back an electric weaterpick. alot of food gets stuck within the braces that brushing and flossing let alone wont bring back it out. and if you dont get the stuck food scrape out of your mouth then you could find an infection from it. some sites i found that would help you revise more about it is

if your are interested surrounded by the invisible braces here is this site i would of gotten mine like this but my insuance wouldnt cover it. so i asked the doctor if i could hold any type of brackets that would look like they bleened surrounded by with my teeth. so i get the clear brackets and barly anyone notices so see if you want those intead of looking resembling metal mouth. the clear brakcets are commonly known as earthenware braces. this site tells you going on for both

this is the traditional invisealine so you can look it up and see if you honestly want them or not.

this websites says it adjectives mostly about stoneware brakcets but they also have it where on earth you can get diffrent styles of brackets similar to stars or hearts what ever you similar to so this is a cool one to check out

more information about braces

i hope this help!
They do hurt. Especially the first couple a weeks with them on. But I presume the most painful module about braces is when they're prepping you for it. Like when I have mine, I think the spacers they put between my molars to formulate room for the caps be the worse. But it's not like sharp pains or anything, it's more of your teeth individual sore. It's the same intuition after every monthly adjustment as well.
i have braces. i wanted them and needed them.
i loved them.
they doesn't really hurt i be determined it makes your mouth anxious and the tension make it hard to bite into food, but i didn't necessarily hurt.

but next again it depends on your pain tolerance. i own a high spasm tolerance. but believe, it doesn't hurt like you reflect on it will.
but the end result is amazing.
of late get 'em!!
ok the worst quantity about getting braces is getting the spacers its this little rubber article they put in between your molars to build a gap. the spacers hurt the worse. your teeth newly feel really sore. the actual braces one and only hurt me for the first week i had them on. after they didn't hurt soo much. but like every month or watever you receive them tightened they are hurt for a while after that too. but i think its worth the headache to have straight teeth.. honourable luck
well u c i hav clear braces they are somewhat bit more exspensive but they are sooo much less noticable really..but i no they are some dad is a dentist so i no adjectives about this stuff.e-mail me if u hav ne more ?'s
very well im getting braces too...i have my brackets surrounded by already and sometimes theyy start to hurt the sides of my mouth but just ask your dentist for some help a little

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