About Braces?

well i am going to win them tommorow! June 28,2007
which sucks becuz i heard ppl axiom u can't eat this u can't devour that.
how does it feel when u hold that for a couple of days?

well for breakfast put away some tortilla chips or doritos or something bc once the braces are say bye bye to knotty things (like chips) u might wanna eat some apples and oranges bc its a leading hassle to eat them once ya win braces...id say-so wait to transport the pain murderer and Advil works best... take the advil right AFTER bc it will obtain to workin right when ur mouth starts to notice the change... if u play an instrument (like me) or do sports (like me) then u might own to wait to play bc ur mouth will be sore for just about 2 weeks and all ur gonna wanna get through is mashed taters so be equipped for that !ur not allowed to devour ALOT of things so eat as much of them that u can up to that time ya get the braces!
tortilla chips
frozen candy
bubble gum
pizza crust
within are many foods that u a moment ago dont wanna eat bc they are only a big hassle to out of the braces so eat...
granola bar (hard like character valley)
corn on the cob
chicken fried steak
fresh bread (hard crust)
pizza (pep. and hamburger get stuck)
soda (it eat away at ur teeth and u shouldnt drink it)
chicken strips
sandwiches (bread get stuck)
honestly the list go on and on...... so eat as much of the food down above bc ur not gonna eat it for awhile... immediately about the brushes and stuff ur ortho should supply u all the stuff u entail... and just some little tricks
sugarfree gum (doesnt stick if you basically HAVE to get gum)
popcorn (eat no more than 2 pieces @ a time bc the kernel wonts get stuck that ways)
lemonade (good sub. for soda)
licorice (the cherry bites of twizzlers are gummi and are easier to eat)
steak and chicken (cut into unbelievably very small pieces so it wont acquire caught between brackets)
ice (crushed rime is better)
those are all my tricks! hope u own fun learning almost the care, responcibility, and delight of braces!jk
remember it will be worth every single second in the completion:)

I'm getting them too this is my answer I got to this cross-question I get mine august 2nd! Good Luck Have a Great Smile!!
The first week or two be horrible. My teeth hurt so much and were sensitive. The flawless thing be after the third week or so i never had a problem next to pain. When I'd seize them tighten they wouldn't hurt no more unlike my friends. It's different for everyone. Some people experience no strain. Get some Advil! Oh yeah no popcorn during the movies. Thats what i missed the most
It's hard to believe from your picture that your basically not perfect already.
If you entail the braces, you need the braces. Deal beside it as millions of other people own. You will miss some of the "comfort" foods, but may develop some good drinking habits contained by the process.
Best of luck, keep smiling.
I've have braces for couple months now, to correct my buck teeth. The first days be hell, but now adjectives I feel is tickling contained by my gum. Which is also very annoying! I've tried to put away some hard stuff resembling chips and pizza and they hurt my teeth too much. And there's no way I can put away corn on the cub or anything with my front teeth, I enjoy to cut everything in small pieces, even spaghetti.
Well you are right you can not get through a lot of suff only just like the first girl said and I enjoy not get them gratitude god! well i hope that your detal appiment go well! e-mail me so i could know what happen!! plz! thanxs!

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