i just get my braces in is at hand any way that can assist the pain progress away
plaese reply ASAP

I just get my braces on monday, and I still really hurt too. I just save on eating ibueprofen. Sleeping also help because then u can't discern any pain. Try to hold on to ur self busy so that way u dont expect about it. Like yesterday I redo my whole room. Ice also really help. Just rub it on ur gums, and braces, but lick it first because it will stick to ur braces if u dont. But ice really help. It numbs the gums and makes u touch better. That is all i can contribute, I know it hurts i am going through the same entry. Just keep reminding ur self that u will hold a great smile in the conclusion. Hope this helped
Hi, capably i've had braces twice. I found the best entity to do is just pilfer some motrin, or advil, or whatever misery pill you choose. Like 250-500mgrms. (2-3 pills) should help, do not exceed 500mlgrms, at one time. This will assist take the fringe off, and preserve inflammation down. Stay away from hard or crunchy foods, that will cause it hurt more. Hope this helps
Hi it depends where on earth your pain is coming from, if your teeth contained by general are sore pinch some painkillers this should ease bad the longer you have them on. If the metal is adjectives you or digging in aywhere you can attain wax from your orthodotist to put on any jaggy bits. hope this helps!

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