About gargle beside hydrogen peroxide?

hello friends i want to knw how can i delute hydrogen peroxide to become 3% degree, ty guys for any guidance

I've gargle with hydrogen peroxide solution in the past. It's a debriding agent. It's used to remove pus from a mouth abscess, until it heals or your dentist prescribes something stronger. The sign on the bottle usually has directions detailing this purpose.

To kind the solution, just buy a bottle of hydrogen peroxide from the drug store, and mix one constituent hydrogen peroxide with one section water.

Rinse for one minute, later spit out as much of it as you can. Don't wash your mouth out beside water afterwards. Don't munch through for an hour after gargling.

See your dentist if problems keep at it.
Why would you want to do that? I can honestly say I own never recommended that anyone gargle with hydrogen peroxide.

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