Brace facade?!?

So in a few months i am going to be getting braces, and im terribly excited... an i know its going to hurt, so tell me . wut do u devour if your teeth hurt so bad. how long do u hold to go earlier you eat solid foods.. i know when i achieve there they are going to notify me what and wut not to eat but psyche like to know ahead of time... thanx

some society have no niggle and no problems and even eat steak the hours of darkness they get them and/or win them tightened. Don't be worried going in - everyone's different...
get through soft food like pudding, 3 days at the most. cant put away anything to hard (things that can knock past its sell-by date your brackets), or sticky, no popcorn ether, or gum.
I wore braces for three years. The pain change when they change your apparatus, so mortal able to get through solid foods is a situation that comes and goes. You can any throw everything in the blender or buy babe-in-arms food. You still need to guzzle a balanced diet even at times when you cannot chew your food. Good luck!

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