Braces.. Curiousity =] please lol?

I was wonderin what you contemplate my teeth could POSSIBLY look like contained by about 2 months if I kept my teeth verbs and healthy and nil happened to the brackets or anything.? =]]

cuz i dunno how quickly braces work and i dunno
heres a pic of what they look like right NOW

purely curiousity, really =]

you'll start seeing changed pretty fast! I'm sure within 2 months you'll already be seeing changes.
thats a funny picture ^_^ hehe~

dunno sorry =(
Braces lug time...period. Don't rush it, you'll be glad you didn't. It isn't simply moving your teeth, but getting them to "anchor" there so they won't shift put money on. Don't worry, it go by pretty fast.
2 months is crazy. i own had my braces for 3 years and i still own them. you just own to keep your teeth verbs, floss, and do exactly what your othodontist tells you to do. it will backing improve your teeth quicker but two months is a short time ago impossible
Oh you'll definitly see changes within 2 months. But if you just get them, and you're hoping to get them rotten in 2 months, sorry it's probably not going to evolve. Once teeth straighten, they still need to be held surrounded by place for a good while. You may hold them for a year, maybe more. After the braces come sour, you'll have to wear a retainer. I know they're a affliction, but the end result truly is fantastic.
surrounded by 2 months they'll probably look perfect.

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