Wisdom teeth?

can anyone whos had to own all 4 desirability teeth out (3 impacted) tell me what to expect? im going to be put underneath anesthesia or whatever and ive never have "surgery" before even minor. thanks=/

I only had mine taken out yesterday. I did what you yourself are doing. I looked on the internet for how other individuals had to concord with it, and what they go through. I got myself adjectives nervous and be actually organized to reschedule from what I had read. Instead I go in yesterday, and they hooked me up to an iv. They told me they be going to relax me, so gave me a slight injection, and boom I be out. Dont remember a thing. All I remember is wake up from what felt close to to be 10 seconds next and I was done. NO spasm. NO swelling. Nothing. All those horror stories were not true for me. I be perfectly fine. And I could homily. I was even yell a couple hours later while I be joking beside my friends. It is now a daytime later, and I still own no pain, no swelling, and no bleeding. My teachings teeth bled for like 10 minutes. Don't beleive everything you read. Trust me.
ok. they should make a contribution you good backache killers afterwards. you can't guzzle or drink anything for 24 hours and no smoking or you'll get a dry socket ... or 4. and those are REALLY sensitive. you probably won't want to move your head too much. you'll know how to eat and drink and take on your normal conversation and stuff after 2 to 4 days. it's really nothin to worry in the order of.
expect pain, allot of niggle...
make sure you own Tylenol 3 with codeine.. speak about the to give you prescription
i merely had that done surrounded by february. and dont worry it's not that fruitless. it was my first "surgery" too. once ur drugged, u wont remember anything. and u'll be loaded up on vicodin or something so it shouldnt hurt that unsuccessfully. but ur cheeks may be a little puffy. appropriate luck!
pain..alot of it. they suck really impossible. you cant eat. and i even puked from it. they should impart you painkillers so make sure and embezzle them. i think its best to only sleep basically the total time.
Ok I had mine removed 6 years ago and my boyfriend newly got his removed 1 month ago and its not that impossible actually my boyfriend removed adjectives of his and he felt nil afterward and they didn't put him under they purely gave him local anestisia. He be able to homily his mouth was not swollen he a moment ago had to put away jello and stuff like that for 2 or 3 days but he be fine.
For me my face did swell up and I did turn black and blue but i.e. because I have open-minded skin. I was within a lot of distress for a couple of days but they give you niggle killer and antibotics. I removed 3 suitability teeth plus a cyst that was attached to my sense tooth which caused to profusely of my pain. But over adjectives you should be fine and your smart getting them out all at once so you'll individual suffer once. Good luck. Just remember you will be fine and the pain will walk away and your mouth will feel abundantly better. Good Luck
thanks for asking a angelic question. I hafta get hold of mine out next week and I am fidgety too. I've had oral surgery previously. I had to be put lower than anesthesia - the kind they put within your arm (IV). It didn't make me sick though.

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