How to brush your teeth in need throwing up? I guess this is type of gross.?

Years ago, my sister told me that her son couldn't brush his teeth without throwing up. Maybe merely power of suggestion, but now I can't any. I dread it every day. How do I overcome the power? Usually, I try to infer about something else, but it purely doesn't work any more. I hope some of you can offer suggestions.

Stand up straight and consciously help yourself to deep breaths through your muzzle. Don't spend much time putting your head down to spit the rinse. Brush kind-heartedly but quickly.

It's strange but I have matching thing on trustworthy mornings. Oh yea, and don't spend much time brushing teeth at the back of the mouth. Use a mouth wipe up to get to those areas.
Maybe you should try a different toothpaste? Or try to brush slowly or in a flash and not go too far posterior. Try drinking a glass of really cold dampen. Don't focus too much on the teeth in the hindmost of your mouth. Use floss and mouthwash for them.

You should probably talk to your dentist in the region of it.
Wow, I've never had that problem. Maybe try not brushing too far backbone in your mouth?
I would suggest a chalice of very cold river before trying to brush. Perhaps that will be satisfactory to sort of numb the back of your throat satisfactory and to suppress your gag reflex. Some says gargle with mouthwash prior to brushing can enjoy the same effect. it will be interesting to see if anyone else have any ideas. Good luck.
why are you throwing up. is it the nauseatin smell from the toothpaste or are you brushin too far into the fund of your throat. try switchin toothpaste and dont touch the back of your throat
I own the same problem. I hold a very sensitive gag reflex. I will brush my teeth next to my head forward. that seem to help though i can still gag when i brush the stern ones.
wow. well brush your teeth beside your head forward.

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