Braces are hurting inadequately!! Can u aid me chew and survive?

I have braces and they didn't hurt when they put them on, consequently after i had to run 2 advil!! I also have stoppers so my top teeth don't touch my brackets on my bottom teeth. I ate McDonalds after because i be starving and could hardly chew. The stoppers prevented me from biting, and the braces prevented me from chewing. Can u tell me how to stop the strain and how to make it easier to drink for the next couple days?? Also the wires aren't poking me so don't even utter wax.

Hi...I work for an orthodontist so what we tell our patient's is to help yourself to what ever you would take if you have a headache. I promise the pain will stir away soon!! It is not this bad adjectives the time...As far as the stoppers you will get use to them...Your teeth should move prompt and you will not need them for terribly long...But until then try intake soft foods and as the next couple of days shift on you will forget what it is like to enjoy not had your braces. Best wishes and fitting luck!
i used to have impossible to tell apart problem - u'll get used to them after a week
Well, I a moment ago got my braces stale and my advice to you is to dawdle it out, take some Advil and the dull pain will go away contained by like two days. Too unpromising everytime you go to the orthodontist they start to hurt again.
Your teeth will hurt incentive the braces are moving them around. The only entry you can do for the pain is hang on to taking Advil. Try eating soft food until your teeth stop hurting.
I suggest consumption soft foods, yogurt, soup,stew,ice cream,...etc...polite luck

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