Braces for over 7 years! Need direction!?

I had braces put on when i be in eighth title and now it is over seven years then and I still have them. It is generally my fault, but I moved twice and am immediately back within the town where I originally get the braces. I am so over them! I am starting a career, and perceive l ike I am trapped behind the braces. I am within a small town and know everyone at the orthodontist and am terrified if they saw the condition of my teeth in a minute, thats why I avoid going. If I go to a cosmetic dentist, will they know how to remove the braces because I am interested in veneer now, or does an orthodontist own to do it?

Hi! Yes, I have sort of be in your shoes. I wore braces for 5 years (although I be with like orthodontist) and it is terrible! However, you should return to your productive orthodontist and explain that you've moved around and would like him/her to evaluate your teeth. Then, determine if you will have need of your braces much longer. Your orthodontist may be able to complete beside the work within a year or so and your teeth would be straight and your bite would be correct.

Sure you could look into cosmetic dentistry, but if your bite is rotten, the ortho is the only entity that will correct it. Get an evaluation with a cosmetic dentist, too, and after determine which direction you want to go contained by.

Good luck.

P.S. Veneers may be pricey, especially after all this money have gone into the braces. And, an orthodontist will need to remove the braces and cement.

P.S.S. Don't tolerate braces hold you back within finding a career. I'm sure your not Ugly Betty. Plus, the dentist I work for have braces and it doesn't hold him back professionally :)
dont verbs. your teeth cant be that bad. and you should steal htem off at the untested orthodontist, since he knows your teeth the best. i do not suggest going to a untried one. then, i suggeswt getting invasalign or terracotta braces.

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