My boyfriend is within dull pain. Help!?

About a week ago, my boyfriend started complaining about his gums and mouth being sore. He's 24 and his teachings teeth are just immediately starting to come through so that's what we thought was cause the pain. Now I'm not so sure. His gums are still really swollen. He can barley clear his mouth to eat because his cheek is so stiff. He says that his throat and tongue hurt too. He also say that the pain is very soon in his ear as economically. Pain meds don't seem to support him much and I hate it that I can't aid him. I've begged and pleaded beside him to go to the dentist, but he lately wont do it. I had affliction when my wisdom teeth be coming in...but zilch like this. Does this nouns like something that happen when your wisdoms are cutting through? Or, could it be an infection? I'm not sure what to do at this point. Any suggestions for the cramp? Thanks so much.

I agree with Charles R.

This sounds similar to pericoronitis, an infection of the gums overlying the half-erupted wisdom teeh, which desires to be treated. Your boyfriend needs to go and get in to see a dentist or physician who can write a prescription for antibiotics. He shouldn't linger. The swelling can progress to the point where swallowing and even breathing become difficult -- a true medical emergency!
he is an idiot. in recent times go to the dentist.
Take him to the dentist even if you enjoy to drag him! It could be serious.
he really should go to the dentist or a doctor it could be something serous similar to lockjaw
dentist then s*x
He requirements to see someone asap...this sounds bad
Most probably his prudence teeth are infected, or it could possibly be something more serious.

The bad piece about your teeth and gums getting infected is that it can spread to the bone especially quickly and be amazingly serious. He HAS to go to the dentist. This is not something he can skulk out. Infected gums/teeth can make your ears, throat and mouth hurt.

Tell him to be a man and budge to the dentist, if money is a problem he can check out local dental schools or appointment the county health department for a referall to an income base dentist.
He needs to stir to the dentist! He is possibly jeopardizing his health, and we already KNOW he's contained by pain! There is zilch you can do for him. It's not something that will go away on its own. If he's 24, he's a big boy and wishes to suck it up and go to the dentist.
If he is not running a disorientation he probably doesn’t have an infection, but not other. All you can do is ask him to go and hold it seen by some sort of doctor. Tell him you surmise he might have a worm infestation surrounded by his jaw and the longer he wait the closer they are eating their passageway to his brain.

Maybe tell him the longer he wait it could damage his d!ck. The brain item might not work.
I do not know why you people are anxious to go to a doctor.
It is possible that the prudence tooth is not able to come out and it requires an incision. Then it is also possible that due to the present condition, your friend have developed infection and soar throat. Let him gargle with worthy mouth wash or melt salt wet. Ask him to take some stomach-ache killers.
You requirement exactly to bring him to a trusted dentist. Pain is only surrounded by the start of the operation or method to apply but after that no pain is feel but I'm pretty sure the pain will be his eternal misery if he'll not force himself to turn to the dentist. Just in baggage, hope this site can help you
you involve to tell him he NEEDS to progress to the dentist. like charles r said it is a sirius problem. if he's terrified to go to the dentist support him n step with him 2 the appointment n be at his side

if he's really worried and if u have to hold his paw when they start drilling
Seriously, why are you on here asking these questions? The guy is markedly obviously contained by pain. Get him to a dentist in a minute! I highly suggest the emergency service most dentists propose.

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