Broken tooth...?

My mother broke one of her front teeth (a canine) recently and I be wondering what it usually costs to fix that sort of thing - close to by replacing it with a denture or what ever the dentist does... she have no dental insurance, and I was thinking of paying for it for her... but I'd approaching to get an hypothesis of what to expect cost-wise. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Well, it depends on plentifully of things. How badly is it broken? Is at hand decay? How reflective is the decay? It also depends on where on earth you are as to how much it could cost. I work for a dentist in SW MISSOURI & of late to give you an conception....To have the dentist look at the tooth & embezzle one x-ray is $91.00. If it needs a padding they start at $155 & go to $224 depending on how big it is. Now, if the rotting extends into the pulp & it needs a root strait...ours are $650.00. Then, if it needs a crown they are $887.00. If it requests a crown or rct it would also need a buildp which is $224.00. I hope this help.
Most likely she would grasp a cap on her tooth, depending on how unpromising it's broke. I'm not sure how much it is, but ask the dentist you go to and ask for an estimate for a cap tooth.

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