Braces?? are rubberbands required?

I didn't get rubberbands put on my teeth because I didn't want colored braces very well the lady who be putting my braces on said that it was okay not to choose a color and purely put on the brackets i guess w/o the rubberbands Well my cuz has braces and she didn't obtain rubberbands so her teeth are spaced out(gaps)again. Will my teeth still gradually move because this be first time getting braces on even though i dont have rubberbands??

The first few days I get my braces they didn't give me the little band either, merely the brackets to get used to them. Then I go back a few days then and they put on the bands on the brackets (when the misery really starts!). The bands are mostly here to keep the telecommunication in place, but next the bands are pretty much the one and only thing to hold on to the line.
I would suggest, depending on their variety of rubber band they have, ask for clear ones or a dull color. Like a pale blue or grey or silver to contest the brackets.
no i know someone whose orthodontist didn't use rubberbands and her teeth are perfect! as long as you use your retainer when you carry them off next your teeth shouldn't move
rubber bands are used to correct bite problems
((overbite, underbite, etc))

chains are used to close gap

the colors are used to help hold the wire surrounded by

if you don't want colored braces, most places can do silver colors
I assume you're talking roughly the colored ligatures that go on respectively bracket.

There are special brackets nowadays call self-ligating brackets, which means ligatures [colors] aren't required. I own them and my teeth are coming together fine. These types of brackets are also more comfortable and usually take smaller quantity time and less appointments than regular brackets. I find the colors to be a hassle anyway.

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