Are you allowed to spatter asleep while getting your braces on?

Hi...I work for an orthodontist and the answer is yes but with adjectives of the the things going on when the braces are being put on I doubt you will know how to fall asleep... At my department it takes approx. 2 hours to put the top and bottoms on. Good Luck beside the new braces!!
Sure, if you can maintain your mouth open.
When I get mine on, they needed me to hold things and open and close my mouth on command, so it'd probably be best if you don't.
Yes you can! And if your orthodontist is nice (like mine was), they'll a moment ago put this thing that keep your mouth open so you don't hold to worry in the order of concentrating on that. Cool, right?
Allowed, yes. Able to, no way.
You probably could, but I don't give attention to you would. There's a lot going on, so you won't be bored or anything.

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