Anyone know of a free dentist?

I live in Illinois and I have need of some dental work done. I was on Dilantin for a few years and since later my teeth have gone to crap. I've be on Medicare, which doesn't help my teeth, and my husbands DENTAL insurance doesn't start until subsequent year but I can't wait that long. I don't hold a lot of money but I involve help and Idon't know what to do. Like I said my teeth own really gone bad and they are KILLING me (of course not literally).

Could you please relief me.

p.s. I've called 1800Dentist but adjectives of those dentits require payment as the procedures are done which I don't own the money.

Please help!!

Your local strength department should be able to support you. Especially if your teeth are interfering with your vigour, they will do something right away.
Try calling the local county hospital they usually have dental clinics where on earth you pay base on income. Another good choice is local dental colleges...

Good luck :)
Call your local robustness department and ask if they know of any or one who will base his/her duty on your income. Believe it or not there are some contained by the dental field who are thoughtful and benevolent.

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