Braces and toothpaste...?

I've had braces for going on for 6 months, and recently I started using Crest Pro-Health, which isn't made for whitening, but it say to "Whiten by removing surface stains." Is this toothpaste bad to use beside braces?! If yes, then what should I do?

You'll be fine!

I truly used whitening toothpaste the entire three years (I had some funky teeth) I have braces and . . .

its not bad for your teeth!!
You can use any toothpaste you want beside braces.
I've had braces for roughly speaking a year and I use that same toothpaste. At first I worried about that too, but after my friend with braces started using this whitening mouthwash and when she get her braces off her teeth looked fine. Don't verbs!

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