2 Hour Rembrandt Whitening Trays??

Has anyone used them? Did they work or not? How much whiter did your teeth get? Would you recommend them?

I tried them. It burned similar to hell and I didn't even use for recommended time. My teeth looked whiter, but only because my gums be bright red. Both of my lips swelled up, and over the course of the subsequent few days, the skin came bad of my gums. If you really wanna use them, DO NOT let the goo seize on your gums!
Rapid whitening programmes often do more wound then flawless to your teeth, they weaken the enamel departing you more prone to decay etc. IF you really want to go and get your teeth whitened visit your dentist and draw from him to make up special bleaching trays he will provide you beside tubes of bleaching gel etc and give you the proper instructions on how to use it.
I agree beside answerer #1. I have also hear that it hurts like hell if the goo get into any cavities...so if you do wish to try it, I would recommend going to the dentist just to build sure you don't have any cavity first

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