Another Question Can any 1 label foods to put away after getting braces?

I need to know the name of food or smoothies to drink they say to stay away from straws is that true but can any 1 term some soft foods and drinks that i can drink so i can eat and not starve gratefulness

While I had my braces on I single stayed away from gum, really hard or sticky candy, and popcorn. MMM...don't chomp through caramel apples. I had a friend who ate a presently and later(candy) and it pulled one of his brackets off of his tooth!
Ask your dentist for a enumerate of food to avoid. Good Luck!
you can have foodstuff to be precise not sticky and not too fibrous avoid having choclates and food near high sugar and starch content avoid beverages containing big sugar content or sticky in make-up,avoid beverages which are airated and acidic surrounded by nature . enjoy foodstuffs and fruits containing vitamin C like oranges ,
I'll nickname things you can't eat near braces. Much easier. :D

Don't eat anything really sticky or chewy resembling toffee, caramel, sugary gum(sugarless only) and things like that. They can verbs off your brackets.

For concrete things, if you eat any frozen candies or ice, after you're only allowed to suck on it. It you crunch or bite it you can knock one of your brackets past its sell-by date. Be careful beside popcorn oto because the kernal shells can get caught surrounded by braces and pull brackets stale aswell.

Sugary drinks, you can have them but brush your teeth immedietly right after you dirnk it! Not 20 minutes next, immedietly! Sugar+acid+teeth=NOT GOOD!

Things you can eat right after you drink your braces on are usually soft things because your mouth will be sore. I liked consumption pasta, yogurt, smoothies, soup, lol,soggy cereal.

Straws are ok, my orth. said nothing's wrong with them.freshly don't stick them onto your braces and stuff like that.
apple sauce
rime cream
cake (plain)
french fries

***no straws!

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