Abcessed tooth?

I have an abcessed tooth, how do I pop it? I enjoy antibiotics but it really hurts. Someone please help!! I enjoy tried almost everything.

Keep taking the antibiotic as prescribed, then telephone call your dentist and explain that you are in anguish and in entail of an emergency appointment.

In a situation like this, while you are waiting for the antibiotic to bring that raging infection underneath control, the dentist might do what's called an incision and drainage.

An Incision & Drainage procedure involves adjectives open the abscess, later stitching in a piece of rubber tubing call a Penrose drain so the pus can keep draining out instead of building up pressure and cause pain.

When nearing the stop of your antibiotics course, your dentist can then do the definitive treatment.

Good luck, and hope you perceive better.
Just go see a dentist to repair it up to that time the infection spreads. Popping it may just engender it worse.
See a dentist.
Sounds like you obligation some analgesics as well as antibiotics ... as per previous comment do not pop it yourself, you will lead to yourself immense pain and possible increase the risk of further infection. Also the abscess may all right not be ready to be incised however so again you are inflicting unnecessary pain on yourself.
Complete the antibiotics and see a dentist once the strain / swelling has resloved, you probably call for to have the tooth extracted / complete.
See your dentist / doctor early if you own increased pain, swelling, fever and are unable to swallow or unfold your mouth

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