(Serious Question)About my gums..?

okay you know the piece of gum that is connected right above your 2 front teeth and connects to your top lip?okay my dentist pointed out that it is purple and when i smile it sticks out a bit,(very un noticable but hes a dentist so what can you expect)He didnt know what it was,but he did enunciate i could have hit it and bruised it,but i dont recollect hitting it.What could have happen?It does not hurt at all,within fact i didnt even interest it until he pointed it out.

Maybe it's just the mode you are, close to the surface blood vessels or something.

Watch it for a while, if it go away then it be probably a bruise. Your dentist wasn't apparently concerned so you shouldn't be either. Unless it get worse, then possibly you could talk to somebody in the region of it.
You really can't control your gums except by brushing, flossing and seeing a dentist like you are. It could only just be blood that is collected in attendance that is cause it to look purple. You didn't have to do anything and if doesn't hurt I wouldn't agree to the dentist do anything.
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