Am disabled beside extreme agitation of dentist. Have tooth tenderness and have need of to see dentist.?

Medi Cal in San Diego 92123; Any referral?

I could not leave behind this question minus commenting....I recently have a severe toothache, I was within pain for days...couldn't devour or sleep or take supervision of my daily responsibilities....I am sooooooooo petrified of the dentist, so that be the last item I thought I was going to do..all right to make a long story short; the spasm got so impossible that it started making my neck and arm hurt also...which really upset reluctantly I called the dentist..I be so nervous and upset..but I brought myself to go , and it be a good point I did because I had two infected teeth that be so bad the infection have gone into my jawbone.they had to be removed right away !! I explained to the dentist why I have not come before in a minute and he explained to me that if I had be having regular visit ,that we coud have caught the problem up to that time dental surgery was important.which made alot of sense! So please take my warning and go move about go!! If you are freshly too nervous than turn for a consultation and ask for valium or something to ease your anxiety..and from personal experience ...the strain you go through have a dental procedure done, is nothing compared to what a severe toothache feel like!! ~I craving you all the best~
Call and homily to them ahead of time and tell them your issues, conceivably they can put you out so you are sleeping while they do what they need to do.

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