Brushing her teeth within public bathroom, is it authorized ?

There are no laws against brushing teeth surrounded by public.
I would say its okay. Especially if they hold braces to keep them verbs.
why wouldn't it be "authorized"?
Why not?

There are times when people are travelling, surrounded by airports or train stations, where they may not be contained by a "private" place to brush their teeth for several days. Better to have able-bodied teeth and gums than digust a person or two by brushing.
A party can brush their teeth anywhere. Why wouldn't you be allowed to brush your teeth when you can wash your hand, etc.

I personally, probably wouldn't brush my teeth contained by a public bathroom unless it was a campground but to respectively his own :)
I encourage it. Imagine the disease that could be prevented if more empire did it. The lack of meticulousness after one meal have long been acknowledged as a major flaw contained by modern living.
And whats wrong with brushing your teeth within a bathroom!
What country do you live in that folks need "authorization" for what they do surrounded by a restroom?
hey. you have my moms nickname. hehe. aurelia. ok but yea.brushing your teeth is very influential, and some people might be traveling so they inevitability to do it. yet, i really dont read why it would disgust anyone becasue everyone does it.

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