Braces. spacers? if i hold a 2 hour appt. that is to say for braces,right? i own not have spacers. color suggestions

i want to get any black and blue or black and purple (bands)..i know that peopls say black looks unpromising but im willing to purloin that risk.any other color suggestions? i am 14, shoulder length hair (kind of emo skaterish hair). i am a glowing brown (just giving info about me for color suggestions

braces info?

Some ortho. office do not put spacers in untill the first appointment.. Being you enjoy a 2 hour apoinment they most likely will put your braces on and your spacers. These are merely small little rubber rings that will go between your backbone teeth. It will make you discern like you own something stuck in your teeth similar to food or something but do not bother it with your toung. (let it do its job) next within the subsequent cupple of apointments they will put the metal spacers between your teeth if this is what your ortho office does. But as far as colors walk.. Pink, turquoise, dark blue are appropriate choices when it comes to making your teeth look whiter. Yellow, white, clear, gold , and black are not worthy choices being to some extent they make your teeth look pallid or they will faid and somtimes are stained by diffrent foods. But you will have PLENTY of times to silver your mind and find just the right color for you..- Hope this help!! PS... dont worry .. everybody is a short time nervous the first time. It will be ok! Just whip a deep breath and know that they know what they are doing. They will be a bit sore but other than that you will look great!
Spacers are just needed if they need to separate your teeth until that time you get braces on, so unless they put them within about a week or so beforehand you get your braces, you should be fine. Besides, even if they do put them within, they don't hurt, they just quality weird for a few hours. As for the colors, you can revision them constantly, so do one and then you can transform it later if you dont resembling it.

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