i have ok teeth...p they are kindof straight.
i want braces...but not approaching the metal ones,
the plastic clear one i can only wear alittle when i want to
do u consider i can get those at the dentist?? because me teeth r mostly straight, of late want to fix them up a little...u focus i could get them??


Yes, you can win them at the dentist's office, but you should ask your local dentist if they submit them there. Not adjectives clinics have them.

But, form sure you're committed to using them, they require a lot of responsibility on your part of the pack; namely, remembering to put them in =) Dont spend the money if you are going to neglect them.

Good luck!
progress to the dentist and find out... They may be covered by your health insurance... Or dental insurance. correct luck
Only one way to find out. Call your dentist or any dentist and ask if they do the clear braces. If you are a paying customer they aren't going to deny you services. It is up to you how you spend your money not a stranger.
hmm.i dunno, i dont really reflect on the dentist would give them to u if he/she doesnt recommend it. But braces can hurt greatly. My daughter has them and it can be a great flout for her to eat.
nickname a dentist or orthodontist to find out.

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