Brushing away especially tiny cavity?

Is it possible to brush away a very tiny cavity, one next to very little breakdown? Are there any special products for this?


Re-mineralization will with the sole purpose work if the decay is fixed to the enamel layer and have not yet penetrated into dentin. Re-mineralization would be trained by using a fluoride toothpaste (any fluoride toothpaste will do) and making sure there is no sticky plaque on the tooth at adjectives times (the sticky plaque is what caused the decomposition in the first place).

If decomposition has penetrated into the dentin, no fluoride can achieve it and the only passageway to fix that would be to have a dentist drill out the corrosion and put in a innards. You need to hold a bitewing x-ray taken at your next cleaning and checkup to create sure no decay have penetrated into the dentin.

Hope this helps.
very well you cannot brush a cavity but you can get it removed and carry a glass inomer satisfying done to it and use a flouridated tooth paste.
no be in motion to dentist
Yes, you can if you use a fluoride toothpaste.

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