Braces make fracture between your teeths?

Im thinking about getting braces (im 15) and from what I hear from the orthodontist, he will be slicing my teeth to make space for the braces to work. So does slicing hurt, if anyone have tried it before AND will it quit a gap contained by the future when i clutch it off?

Ive have braces for 22 months! I remember I had a Madonna breach. Yes it kinda hurts but they do it for space. Your younger so it should be quick. Mine took 6 weeks. As soon as they verbs them back they are pretty though. My teeth get pretty after 7 months so I didn't even care that I have braces by then.Its worth it. No more gap after that.
You probably have minor crowding and he doesn't want to verbs any teeth so he's making space that way. All the gap will probably and should close up like nought happened when you catch your braces taken off.

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