Oral cancer?

i have a lump , if thats even what it is , on the floor of my mouth. its truly on the side of my gum towards the front. anyways , its really hard .. similar to a bone it feels approaching. and where it sticks out , its loving of whiter then the rest of my gums. could this be oral cancer? i've asked a few associates. my boyfriend said it could be my bone moving cause of my prudence teeth coming in , or possibly an abcess that is trying to quarrel off an infection. im simply 17 , never smoked , dont drink often ..merely downside is that i never took good consideration of my teeth when i was growing up. any belief on what this might be. i plan on calling the dentist for an appoitment , but i just looked-for to know if i should be worrying as much as i am. thankss :)

Answers:    Like I said before when you asked this the other morning -
It could be something called a torus (plural: tori). Here's a picture of some really big ones: http://www.waybuilder.net/sweethaven/med...
Tori are unsophisticatedly just bone so don't freak out freshly yet, but it's other a good belief to get it checked out by your dentist. Even if it is 'just tori' they can grow pretty big sometimes and want to be surgically reduced, so it's a good impression to get regular check ups as very well - at those regular check ups they also look for signs of cancer and disease other than dental deterioration and gum disease. :)

Additional info:
It's probably not cancer.
An abscess would not feel approaching bone.
It's probably whiter because your gums are stretched thinner over the torus, it's common for them to look that road.
Also, it doesn't have to do near your wisdom teeth coming within. its just a coincidence of timing.
And you should touch the roof of your mouth, you might have one near too.
Above all a moment ago bring it up at your next dental appointment where on earth someone who sees it and can surface it can tell you whats going on. And relax!
There is no road i can tell you what i.e..

It could be an infection, a gumboil. Check with your dentist.
It probably is bone - your dentist will know how to tell you straight away if you progress for a check up.
Oral cancers tend to be patch of irritation or ulcers that don't clear up on soft tissue.

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