I want to soon get braces on my teeth because I want to start taking dental hygenist class within the fall. I want my teeth to be within tip top shape when I graduate. I heard it really hurts when they tighten them. Is it true because my boyfriend said it hurts and that you can loose weightiness during that time because you can only devour soft foods and ur mouth hurts so bad you don't want to munch through at all. Is it true? May God Bless!!!

Bah, I dislike intensely those people that told me duplicate thing!

I lately got braces today and everyone alarmed me talking nearly how much they hurt and whatnot. I'll let you contained by on the secret. Getting braces does NOT hurt. Feel better? Well don't because I still hold to explain.

Before they put on the braces, they put in the spacers/separators. Those are little rubber band that they use to make space for the brackets. THOSE hurt similar to HELL. They feel fine the first couple of hours and next when your teeth start to move, they hurt soooo much. This is probably what your bf was conversation about. When you enjoy on the spacers (and you can have them on anywhere from a couple of days to a week) you can't chomp through anything hard because when you bite down, it hurts resembling HELL. All you can eat is really soft foods that you don't enjoy to bite down on. My suggestion to you, get some MOTRIN. It reeeaaaally help A LOT when you want to eat something and necessitate to dull the pain.

Alright, immediately that your teeth are ready, the actual braces come contained by. The process takes roughly forty minutes and doesn't hurt. They first take out the separators and insert brackets. They cement those to your pay for molars (it doesn't hurt, just taste nasty if you accidently grasp your tongue near it). Then they put the little things on the front of your teeth to hold the telecommunication in place. They cement on the little metal things and you enjoy to wait fifteen minutes for it dry. Then they stick the line into the little metal thingies and you get to pick the colors you want for your band.

It sounds kind of painless but I won't falsehood to you. Depending on how sensitive you are, it does hurt a little. After that, you're pretty much free to progress. You have to come fund every month to get them tightened, which does hurt, again depending on your sensitivity. But you obtain to pick new band so it's actually nature of fun. Oh one thing, once you take the braces on, after a few hours, the inside of your mouth feels for a time raw so be sure to receive the wax so that you can stop the braces from scratching your mouth up. Other than that, you might grain a little dull pain as your teeth adjust but that's to be expected.

All that bs about not human being able to chomp through is only true for SOME inhabitants; those who are hypersensitive to pain. If you own tolerance, you'll be fine. But honestly, you might want to keep some motrin or advil handy for the first week or so because it does hurt for a while. But after that, you only just notice them anymore so delight in and have fun!
It will hurt a bit if you tighten them but you will bring back used to it eventually. My friend got these things from her dentist to minister to stop the pain.. Don't verbs be Brave!

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