Best product to whiten teeth?

any one know from experience

funny you should ask..i just finished one "round" near avon's teeth whitener and it works fantastically!! eveyone i have bumped into have commented on how great my teeth only costs $14 and you grasp enough to do the treatment around 4-6 times, maybe even more.respectively treatment lasts something like 2-3 months and it is not at all thorny on your teeth in any method as i checked with my dentist earlier purchasing and he looked at the ingedients, directions, etc and said tht he would recommend it.
yes Oral B white TRAYS work best, the strips stink.
i have tried them adjectives the one i like best is Plus White gel. It the cheapest and won't strip the enamal resembling others do
Whatever your dentist recommends. The over the counter treatments are not approved by the American Dental Association, and you can suffer from markedly serious complications when these products are used. Also you should be over the age of 18 prior to bleaching or whitening because your teeth are still developing.
Based on my experience the best product which whitens your teeth and will cause you smaller quantity is the colgate toothpaste with baking soda and oxygen. I get compliment from my dentist and my sister who is a dental hygenist that my teeth are whiter.

Make it a must to brush your teeth every day after meal try Arm and hammer toothpaste or Aquafresh works great. You can use a whitening mouth dust - Listernine makes a great one. Please pop in our website.

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