About suitability teeth?

Anyone here on ByeDr.coms had their desirability teeth pulled out? If so how does it feel, what does it involve?

Had four of mine pulled in the region of a year ago. One at a time. Two were up through the gums..two be still half beneath the gum. He deadened my mouth and pulled them with his pliers. Didn't consistency the pain, merely felt abnormal hearing him snap the roots and tweak the tooth out.

Aftercare is what you need to verbs about. Making sure not to disturb the socket for at most minuscule a day or two. Your top teeth/gums heal more quickly than the bottom. My first three weren't any trouble, but beside the fourth/last one..I lost the blood clot in the socket. So almost 2 or 3 days later I have this wicked fruitless headache. Worst thing I feel in my life span. Even the super strength advil from my dr wouldn't take the niggle completely away..it would only cart the edge past its sell-by date for about 2 hours. I be in misery for four days back I went to my dentist who fixed me up contained by about ten minutes..honestly.
I have a condition called "Dry Socket" or "desirability tooth dry socket" which is when you lose the clot that makes the gum grow over..no clot, scheme it's just spread out socket..air and everything embark on to your jaw bone. It be the most horrible and painful days of my enthusiasm. I would have rathered shift through childbirth again. Honestly.

I'm just writing to put on alert you and others, that if you feel how I feel, don't wait to telephone call your dr. I thought it could have be coming from anything, just a mundane headache..whatever. My dentist swarming the socket with clove. It's an antiseptic (cleans it) and an anaesthetic (numbs it). And it also draws the blood up from underneath to construct a new clot and help out the gums heal over. It be amazing that before I even departed his chair, I be feeling nouns.

So..if and when you get your teeth pulled, rob proper care after the removal. Make sure you maintain that socket undisturbed. Good luck :)
never..YAHOO :)
I own had adjectives four of mine removed. It was the worst eexperience ever, but most dentists will make clear to you that they are pointless, hard to verbs and most adults will have them removed at some point surrounded by their lives.

I had three removed at once and be actually planned to have adjectives four taken that day. The later one he tried to pull be already broken and infected so I felt it mortal pulled, and let me basically say that be one of the worst pains I have ever feel. He gave -me- an attitude because I be very upset and complaining that I could perceive it, he told me "OH well theres nil I can do now! Must be infected" He shrugged it sour, gave me some antibiotics and torment meds and sent me home.

That experience was so horrid it took two years and numerous days and night of more infections and horrible pain previously I went to someone else and finally have it removed.

The process realy depends on the teeth itself. Are they infected? Are they impacted?

If they are infected any -decent- oral surgeon will give you the anti bioitics and agree to them clear up before they remove them.

If they are impacted it is more complicated and costs more to enjoy the procedure done.

Good luck.
i had adjectives 4 of mine taken out 3 years ago. My two bottom ones were impacted and cause severe neck affliction and headaches and they cause minor damage to the surrounding teeth. My tops have already come so no problems with them. Mine hurt really impossible because of the impacted teeth, I was swollen resembling a chipmunk for 2 weeks and had massive bruises. I have some pretty awesome pain killer though. It's nice just consumption ice cream and jello for a few days, after that stuff gets ripened quick! But don't tolerate the pain alarm you, everyone has different thresholds for backache, mine just happen to be low, haha! During the procedure I was heavily sedated and fell asleep. But my brother be awake for his extraction since he didn't have any impacted teeth. My surgery took going on for 1.5 hours and my brother's was somewhat less than an hour.
Make sure you get hold of your prescription pain meds past you go surrounded by, like carry them the day back if your doc will let you. It'll form a world of difference when you feel cramp for the first time after the procedure. Oh and afterwards, make sure you follow the doctor's instructions and rinse rinse rinse to prevent dry socket!
you might experience sensitivity too, a short time ago a heads up.
I get all 4 of them surgically removed...
They be still in my gum and hadn't grown out... my gum didn't enjoy any space left for them so I have to take them out...

I have each side removed separately... first the right and after about a month after the vanished side...

I didn't feel anything during the surgery... my cheeks swelled the hours of daylight after and it took about 2 weeks to turn put a bet on to normal...
I have to drink liquids and couldn't munch through anything until I got the stitches removed...
The first 2 days after the surgery be a bit painful but the doc give me tons of pain killer...
I also had to put a towel on my pillow for when I be sleeping... bcz the swelling didn't allow my mouth to be fully closed and bloody saliva would come out...

I think that's roughly it...
I just have mine pulled out last monday. I have two that broke thru and the bottom ones were impacted. Plus I have another tooth pulled. The actual surg isnt bad.. I be put out under gen anes... I be ok when I woke up ... the pain started more or less 4 hours after the surg but they gave me some throbbing killers.. so that help.. then on wednesday.. the torment really took over. the pain killer werent really helping and I had to help yourself to 2 at a time. I took the week off from work so I didnt do anything. respectively day the throbbing has gotten slightly better,, but tomorrow will be a full week and I am still passion pain. not actual bad throbbing like faster in the week...but simply slight throbbing here and there.. its more annoying very soon than anything. and my teeth are really sensitive to air.. wierd huh.. oh and for some judgment my chin hurts,,, it aches.. I am going to my check up tomorrow and I am going to ask for more misery killers.. My husbands cousin have his done a couple of weeks ago and he had to christen mid week to get more headache killers.. mine have lasted a week.. but a weeks worth is not satisfactory...but maybe we are experiencing more backache cuz we are older.. we are both within our mid 30's. But i say for me... its will filch a full two weeks to fully recover...
You hold to do a littel research with sense teeth. The best source of information I have find is on www.oceansurgical.com.au

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